Company profile

"Lamarinotechniki" is an enterprise operating in the field of ductwork, air conditioning, ventilation and industrial insulation.

It was founded in 1989 and since then has a growing activity in the HVAC market.

It deals with any kind of airduct applications, i.e. industrial, commercial and domestic.

It has its own small size factory with complete and modern mechanical equipment.

We manufacture and apply rectangular and circular airducts and fittings, as well as fan sections, hoods, boxes ,plenums, sound absorbers, sheetmetal constructions made from galvanized and stainless steel.

The personell is very experienced and well trained and specialized and has made numerous installations of any kind and size, mostly in the area of Thrace, Greece.

That includes duct networks in factories and industries of all kinds, hotels, shops and stores of any type , banks, super markets, cafes, taverns restaurants, kitchens, public works, hospitals, theatres, etc.

We cover responsibly and reliably any demand for quality and consistency.

Our company is certified by ISO 9001

Plasma CNC cutting

Plasma CNC cutting

Construction of circular tube

Construction of helical conduct

Industrial property

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